Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Franklin Park Conservatory
Columbus, OH

Last weekend a friend invited me to accompany him to the Orchid Show and Competition at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. Now I am not very knowledgeable about orchids. This young man is a walking, breathing, expert on the subject. He stated he became interested in orchids while in college. Instead of doing the wild thing on Spring Break, he visited his aunt and uncle in Flordia that grew numerous orchids. They planted the seed in him that grew into a passion.

Epc. Rene Marque "Tyler"

My day with him was impressive. It was so interesting for me to listen and watch him talk to Orchid Society members on the subject with equal knowledge. They quickly recognized his knowledge of the plants. Now I know a little more about orchids than I did, but for me, it will take more than a one day short course.

Phrag - Eric Young

Braassolaeliocattleya - riosgr

I really do appreciate their beauty. There are so many different kinds and forms. He explained the different kinds and the ones that are easy to care for. So , he directed me to the beautiful "Odc dm. Catatanta'  Pacific Sun Spots.' " It is pretty, so it found a foster parent. It has two bloom stems. I have had different kinds, but never this one.  I like them because of the long bloom time. Orchids are more affordable now then at one time.  I rationalize buying an orchid is a better choice than buying a cut bouquet. The bouquet may last a week, the orchid bloom may last for three months. If I do proper care it will, maybe, bloom for me next year.  A botanical garden is a place to see so many species in one place.

Odc dm. Catatante' Pacific Sun Spots'

I heard terms like; Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium and Cymbidium.  Now Louise, try to remember this.

The conservatory was also featuring 75 Amarphophallus Konjac, also known as Voodoo Lily, displayed in the Rain Forest and Desert biomes.  This plant emits a strong scent of decaying meat. The scent attracts corrion-eating insects, flies and beetles, that aid in pollination.  In spite of the smell the plant is quite attractive.

Amarphophallus Konjac

Also being featured at the conservatory was British Artist, Bruce Munro: Light.

Again Dale Chihuly has a permanent display that has been a draw to the conservatory.

We picked up our plants and made the decision to visit Oakland Nursery and Garden Center before returning home.  After a quick over look of the nursery we stepped out the door to a snow covered car.  The trip home was cautious and not easy.  We saw several cars that slid off the highway. Thank heaven for a careful driver.  This winter just won't go away.

I had a great day with this young family. It was so nice of them to include me on this, special day.

Thank you Ian and Lisette



  1. Louise I visited here a few years ago and seen Chihuly's works. They were just amazing. There was a hosta exhibit going on at the time.

  2. He seems to be anywhere there is a garden. Glass and flowers compliment each other. Thanks for reading..