Saturday, June 7, 2014

Landscape Rejuvination

The last couple weekends we have had some beautiful weather! Sunny and in the eighty's, great weather to tackle some landscaping chores.  As we all know, this past winter Mother Nature definitely did some damage to a lot of plants in the landscapes of Northwest Ohio. Mine was hit so hard my husband and I decided to tear both the front and back of the house out. Yes, I made him do the hard work! To be honest with you I think he rather enjoyed it since he was able to use his toy, a Polaris 4 wheeler!

The extra day from the Memorial weekend was exactly what we needed to plan and replant. Don't get me wrong, our falling solider was the real reason for the extra day but with the hectic work schedule of a park employee at this time of the year, you have to take advantage of those days.

knew I wanted some plants that would give us greenery all year round but that's about as far as my planning went. So, I turned to my partner in crime and co-blogger Louise Hartwig.  We made a trip to a Beining's Nursery, just northwest of Ottoville, to check out options that would fit into our space. As we are walking through the nursery Louise is naming this plant and that plant off. Well, of course I have no clue as to just exactly what she's talking about, I'm not brushed up on all the botanical names. To make a long story short, I finally made a decision on what the plant selections were going to be for the project. If you know Louise she had to purchase something too, I don't think she can walk into a nursery without buying something.

Plants are home and we placed them in the location they were to be planted. That's right, we didn't get enough so I made another trip to the nursery the following day. Now, selection of species, one lilac, six boxwoods, two Arborvitaes and one Viburnum. I did mention that I'm not well versed on the botanical names so, I kept the tags to help me. 

Buxus x 'Green Velvet'
Viburnum plicatum Kilimanjaro 'JWW1' Doublefile
Since the back of the house was also torn out and I already blown the budget I went with a few less expensive plants. Three different hosta's, two coral bells and a few potted coleus. Speaking of pots, I had to of course plant my annuals too. All this in two weekends and Now that everything is planted all that's left is the mulching. I guess this weekend I know what's on my slate.

OK! I truly had intentions of posting this several days ago. It's now into the weekend! So, I feel confident in saying the mulching is complete! Thank God for my husband, he had all day Friday off and I must say he did a great job! 

For all visitors to our home, we welcome you!

Until next time, hopefully not as long of a stretch as this last, have a great day!