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A Great Beginning January 1, 2015

What a way to start the New Year. PBS Scenic Spots featured our Smiley Park Children's Garden on WGBU PBS on New Years day. This past summer, their host Kathleen Phipps, and film crew visited our garden to tell our story. They captured the garden in the finest manner.

We are very proud of this garden, as well as the whole community takes pride in what we were all able to do by working together. It has been a community effort, so they were the integral part of its existence. We are going to re post the blog we did about that special day that they showcased our wonderful garden.Take time to read the blog and click on the "Scenic Spots" link to view the story as they saw it through their lens.

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Children's Garden - PBS 2014

Around the middle of May we received a call from Kathleen Phipps from WBGU-TV.  She is the hostess of "Scenic Stops" for this Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  She called in regards to doing a segment featuring our Children's Garden here in Van Wert, OH.  After all, they are Emmy nominated for their work so, why not be flattered for being chosen for one of their shows.

The word is now out, so the preparations begin. Ruth Ann Covey is in charge of the gardens, so she starts making her ever famous list of what needs to be done in preparation for show time.  The date was set for June 26 at 11am. It has been raining a lot, so the weeds are one step ahead of us.  Ruth Ann is very organized and recruited volunteers from the community along with the Master Gardner's to ready the gardens. The end of June is perfect timing because the gardens will be in full bloom.

Around the World
There was painting to be done and extra planting. The Rainbow Garden and the Serenity Garden Tori Gate was painted.  The flower art piece was repaired and painted as well as the Children Around the World were freshened up. Patti the Master Gardner, Altha and Andy at the entrance gate, have been given a new coat of paint in order to meet our guests.

The day before the filming, Hearth and Home Assisted Living brought out their residents so they could release Monarch and Painted Lady Butterflies in the Butterfly House.  Everyone loves  butterflies  There is something magical about them. Several of the visitors in the garden also had the opportunity to release some of the butterflies.  The house is well supplied for PBS and you.

Butterflies from Florida

Marty, Hearth & Home


Children in the Garden

Monarchs and Milkweed

The day has arrived. There is new signage in the Fossil Garden.  Just think some of these fossils are over 440 million years old and are all from Ohio.

Dinosaur Garden

Now we meet our team from WBGU-TV. It takes approximately 3 hours of filming for a 15 minute segment.  Interviews were obtained from Bryce Campbell and Lilly Good who are active youth in the gardens. Ruth Ann spoke on education, Sue on the city parks and Louise on about how the garden came to be and what it does for the community.


It was a special day for all of us. It was nice to know that WBGU had heard about us and found our gardens worthy of filming a show for their viewing audience. It will air sometime in November and  we will alert the local media once we are notified when it will be broadcast.

Ruth Ann

Sue and Kathleen

None of us felt like TV stars, but just in case, we will be waiting to be discovered.  It was a fun experience and hope to put Van Wert on the map with it's award winning garden.  We invite you to come and enjoy the gardens with us.

Kathleen and Louise

Sue & Louise

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