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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015 Toronto Bloggers Fling

Two Girls With A Purpose picked up Our Little Acre and headed north to Canada with passports in hand for the first International Bloggers Fling. For Sue it was her first Fling and first time on foreign soil. The Fling was started by a group of Bloggers in Austin, Texas. Since then they have met in different cities around the country. It has been held in Asheville, Buffalo, Chicago, Portland, San Fransisco, Seattle and now Toronto.

It is a time for gardeners that like to write, convene, and talk about how to use their blogs either to promote their agenda or just explore and share a common interest. It is a time that the host city arranges activities of viewing extraordinary gardens. We get to view macro to massive estate gardens, and usually Botanical Gardens. It is not for the faint of heart. It was said we walked between 8-10 miles each day. I need one of those Fit Bits that tracks your steps.

Sue was our driver and Kylee was the navigator. I was Ms Daisy in the back seat. We made a few pit stops and arrived at the Fairmont York Hotel in downtown Toronto. This is where the Queen stays when she visits Toronto. It was a lovely hotel. Three women can quickly trash a hotel room with all their stuff. At least two of them did.

Fueling Up

Our Last Pit Stop Before Crossing the Border

Royal York Hotel

Beautiful Royal York Hotel Lobby

Place of Residence When Visiting Canada

Our hostess, Helen Battersby met us with her beautiful huge red hat. Soon we began to see some familiar faces. It is always fun to reconnect with friends that we have met at other flings.

Helen Battersby and Victoria Kirk, Lee Valley Tools Consultant

An evening event had been planned at the home of Lee Valley Tools. It was just a few blocks from our hotel, so we walked to the store. Just a small training session for what was about to be the norm. Lee Valley was a beautiful store of all top quality products. They greeted us with beautiful horsdoeuvres and drinks. Oh so good and tasty. It was a relaxed shopping experience. Lee Valley prepared us swag bags filled with wonderful products. We were given a three piece set of garden tools that are almost too nice to get dirty. They also gave us a heavy duty hoodie and a $50 gift certificate. The weather was lovely for a great walk back to our hotel.

Bloggers visit Lee Valley Tools

It was a long day and we were ready to call it a day.The next day starts early. We are all ready for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

Sue or I will post about activities on day two.

Pictures posted by Sue. We would like to thank Kylee Baumle and Helen Battersby for a couple pictures that we are sharing with you!

Love Canada, Louise


  1. You have some great pix from Lee Valley Tools, Louise. I'd love to borrow some from you! Lovely, as always, to see you again.

  2. The photos which you have shared are awesome, just liked your photography also. Keep posting with your next trip.
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  3. I've loved Lee Valley for years. Each location is different & I hadn't been to this one before, so I had a wonderful time browsing.