Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guest Blogger: An OSU Administrative Assistant

I will never forget my first day of work at the OSU Extension office and the Tech man hooking up my computer told me, you don’t make a lot of money working for Extension but you meet more “nice” people than you can ever imagine.” No truer words were ever spoken. I have come across so many nice people in this profession. I love being able to help as many of them as I can. From working with 4-H Volunteers helping them figure out all the paper work we hand them and all of the 200 project books that are available to getting to mingle with the teens and other young people who come into the office has been very rewarding.

I remember sitting behind Marilyn Reed, my former working partner, and wondering how does she know how to identify all those weeds/grasses brought in.  And those Bugs!!! Yuk.  Now a few years down the road I find myself being able to do those same things.  From the hundreds of Bag worms to Emerald Ash Borer insects brought into our office to the branches with Lichen on them I think I’m getting a good hold on a little natural resources background.

Every holiday brings the usual how to thaw a frozen Turkey, or how long to cook questions. After summer’s bounty of gifts, I am asked how to can or freeze garden produce.  Mind you, I myself am no expert in any area, but I do know where to find the answers.

Every event or program is embedded in my mind as to what is needed.  Programs, sound systems, and projectors are just a few of the many necessities to start an event.   I guess an easy way to sum up what being an OSU Extension Administrative Assistant is; I organize, prepare and setup, then tear down and clean up; find solutions to problems; and adapt!

I love serving our community and helping in any way I can to be of service to our clientele.  I am very blessed to work with a great bunch of coworkers and many, many “Nice” volunteers.

It's always so nice to go into the OSU Extension office and be greeted at the front desk with a smile and a friendly hello, from someone that is always helpful and willing to aid us with whatever the situation may require.  Thank you Deb, we all appreciate your willingness to help with no matter what the question or need may be.

Sue & Louise

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