Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Something New....Improved....Just For You!

Have you visited a park or two in Van Wert lately? Recently there has been a great deal of construction and additions in the parks.  These changes are in the form of athletic facilities, support facilities and updates to the aesthetics of the parks.

Fountain Park, home of the Summer Concert Series and various special events is boasting new pole lights.

A new concrete approach to the Band Pavilion now replaces the unsightly stone drive. This approach will help bands that perform in the park to be able to load and unload their equipment with ease.

Jubilee Park has received nearly a complete new facelift. A new Little League Ball Field was constructed and is just seeing its second season of games this year.  A new concession building with restrooms was built to replace the old concession trailer that was used for nearly ten years. Additional parking was added to help with the increased activity in the park.

Be on the look out for a new flag pole to be installed at Jubilee as well as new park signs.  Speaking of signs, there is also signs located in strategic locations so visitors from out of town can find the parks without difficulty.

Smiley Park, one of the most active parks in the system is always a work in progress.  Two pavilions have received new roofs. The restroom facilities at the pavilions have received  new coat of paint, new doors and just minor details have been attended to in order to give them a fresh new look. Restroom updates are a work in progress and not completed yet.

The concession stand became the victim of an unfortunate fire that ended up a total loss in August of 2012.  After a long and drawn out process, construction of a new facility finally began in the fall of 2013.  The building process was completed spring of this year and the Smiley Park ball fields now have a beautiful focal point to serve the public.

There you are, there is something new, improved and it’s all for you at the Van Wert Parks Department. But, before I go I have to add that several of the new facilities that have been added have been made possible with the generosity of many businesses, organizations and individuals that have invested in the parks. Without them we would not be able to make the improvements and updates to the parks.

 Until next time, Sue.

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