Friday, August 8, 2014

Location, Location, Location

We, here in Van Wert, Ohio, live where US 127 and US 30 (Lincoln Highway) intersect at the corner of Washington and Main.

Every year, in August, the US 127 Longest Yard Sale begins. It starts in Addison, Michigan and reaches to Gadsen,  Alabama. It travels 690 miles. Not every year does the Lincoln Highway Yard Sale correlate with the US 127 sale, but this year it did. The Lincoln Highway sale started in 2005 in West Virginia coming through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. It is 250 miles long.

This week we are the hub of traffic and major shopping. There are people with motor homes, trailers and carriers on their cars from all over the country and are on a mission. In fact HGTV cameras and crew were here filming for a show about this annual event that is to be aired sometime in October.

There is a plethora of merchandise, from antiques, crafts, art, food and you name it. It is all here for a price. Today the traffic is bumper to bumper and people are everywhere with shopping bags. People are interesting, so even if you are not a shopper it is a treat to just observe all the activity

You never pass a Lemonade Stand.

Even has a Helmet


Council On Aging



Travel anyone?

stephanie dawn


  1. Looks great girls! Thank for including WDWS in your post!

  2. Thanks, Penny. Glad your sale went so well.