Monday, August 18, 2014

New Residents

The last few days I had a funny feeling that we were being inhabited by something or someone. The first signs came from the front landscape when I noticed someone had dug a hole in the mulch under one of the boxwood bushes. Since I was trying to clean up around the house from weeds that I unfortunately let grow, I flattened and covered the hole.

The following night when I came home in the dark my headlights caught the glimpse of a four legged furry creature fleeing from the house. Naturally, the next morning I decided to check it out, once again the hole had appeared in the same location. In double checking the rest of the boxwood's I discovered several branches just laying on the ground of one of the bushes. Now, how did that happen? I know I didn't cut them.

Saturday, my husband mowed our lawn, we had to borrow a friends mower which is an unfortunate thing you have to do when yours breaks down and ends up in the shop. The following day I noticed a clump of grass and thought that's interesting, it wasn't there when he finished mowing. So, in the process of investigating, the mysterious and similar hole appeared in the lawn. Once again, I leveled it out!

So Tiny
Today as I ventured to work I looked at the area where the clump of grass was. I took a closer look and low and behold, we have new residents residing with us. I guess I feel bad now, I made the poor mother move from one location to another just so she could make a home for her babies.

Now all I need to do is prevent this guy from making a treat out of the new guests that our making our yard their home.

Hunter....Our Family Dog

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