Monday, October 13, 2014

Nature and Friends

It’s been awhile since I have blogged much of anything but pictures. My co-writer has been posting lately so I think I better start pulling my own weight and start contributing. It has been fairly busy at work and personal life lately, no I am not trying to make excuses just hope to keep your interest by offering you some insight of what’s going on, so I hope you don’t mind if I share through a few blog posts.

Every summer, for the past few years, a group of us ladies (we call ourselves Ya Ya’s) will go camping at least a couple times. We just go for a weekend to just get away and have some Ya Ya time. This summer proved to be a difficult one! We tried several times to pick weekends that would fit into everyones schedule. Finally, the last weekend in September, we came to a mutual agreement! The Ya Ya’s were off!

The weekend camping trips are taken at the nearby Ouabache State Park in Indiana. Not to far, yet far enough for a get away. Great time to relax beside a camp fire. Take in a little recreation. Best of all to enjoy the companionship and friendship of the Ya Ya’s! You can definitely count on plenty of laughter and good food consumed.

Our Colorful Campfire

We decided to take a few bicycles along with us this time. Yes, we did use them. I had a hard time keeping up with Becky while a couple other Ya Ya’s took a short ride before going to the Owl program that was held at one of the Pavilions. What would camping be without nature? Speaking of nature, you have heard of a walking stick, saw one for the first time. A very interesting insect.

Walking Stick-Phasmida Family

I wouldn’t trade these Ya Ya weekends for anything! Our next adventure hopefully we ALL will be able to make it. We were minus one.

The Ya Ya's (Minus 1)

Final Sunset Until We Visit Again

The next adventure is Tennessee, until then!


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  1. Looks fun and so great to have all these wonderful friends.