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Monday, August 22, 2016

Children in the Gardens

Who would have thought that the creation of a small one acre parcel in a park could be turned into a lovely nature learning experience for so many youth. Since the completion of the Smiley Park Children's Garden it has brought outdoor educational opportunities to the youth in our community.

Every summer the Van Wert Master Gardeners develop programs for the kids. The purpose of the programs is to introduce them to the gardens. To teach them various concepts of gardening; how to plant, the benefits of insects, the care plants require and much more. Each session is full of fun, activities and a finished project to take home at the end of each session.

Master Gardener's Volunteering and offering their expertise to educate our youth in the world of gardening.

Connie, Ruth Ann, Cheryl, what great leaders and volunteers

Special guests speakers are called upon at times to help with specific programs. Curtis Young, OSU Extension Educator talked with the kids on the World of Insects and introduced the kids to the types of insects that you find in a garden. 

Kids were shown oversized insects to real live ones.

Many times other organizations offer assistance through donations such as these seed pods. The seed pods were made available from Van Wert Family Health, through Scotts Miracle-Gro. All the kids were given information on the pods and able to take home at the end of the day.

Each program offers learning experiences through hands on doing.

Benefits of Bees in the garden and building their own Bee Hotel.

"Name that Tune", was a program on listening to the birds sing and how birds do good things in the gardens. The kids built their own bird habitat to take home.

"Blooming Boots", was learning about plants such as these succulents that are easy to care for and don't require the time consuming task of watering that most flowering plants do. Each child planted their own type of boot or shoe

The Children's Garden offers the opportunity for outdoor class room to the youth of our community. This is made possible through the volunteer hours of the Van Wert Master Gardeners. If you are interested in the Master Gardener program and would like to volunteer, check this out. They are always looking for a few helping hands in the garden and working with the kids.

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


It seems like its been some time since the last post. Oh wait, it has been a long time! Feels like I should reintroduce myself as well as my partner in crime, but we will skip all the formality because if you are reading this, you know who Two Girls With a Purpose are. All kidding aside, an apology is in order for being on such a long hiatus. However, I must say in our defense we've been pretty busy!

Within the past year I've been the reciepent of two more grand babies. How precious they can be. With the miles between us, my husband and I have had to do a little traveling.

Wyatt Emerson Heppeard, February 15, 2015

Easton Ryan Heppeard, May 26, 2015

Oh how they have grown!


Louise and her husband have been guests at local hospitals, but that is all in the past.

Louise & P.Allen Smith "Van Wert Blooms"

On top of that Louise had a years worth of planning a special program held in our very own back yard called, "Van Wert Blooms with P. Allen Smith and Friends". What a success that was but that is a whole other blog in itself.

Our last blog talked of our travel to Toronto for the Bloggers Fling.  We have done a little traveling too; Louisville, Nashville, Cultivate '16 then of course the numerous trips to various nurseries. All these adventures and more we plan to share.

From Kentucky to Tennesse
Cultivate '16 Columbus, OH
Please, come back soon. We promise to be here sharing our wisdom (if we find it), travels, adventures and happenings in our home town.

Until then!