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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Plan

Scroll Trellis
Fountain Park

Last year at Cultivate'16 we had the opportunity to walk the floor to view new plants and garden innovations. It is a chance to find a product that is usable for the at home gardener. This time I zeroed in on the Scroll Trellis by Larry and Diane McMurray from Hugo, MN.

The product was versatile and clever. We had great conversation on how we could use them in our downtown planters in Fountain Park. We have two large planters at the entrance to our park, that hosts concerts each Friday evening throughout the summer season.

We have chosen to use white Mandevilla for the vine and blue and white Lavandola for the filler plant.  To discourage vandalism, and that is always an issue in public parks, we anchored a concrete brick in the bottom of the planter. It was simple, quick, and with maturity will be a beautiful centerpiece. Larry and Diane sent me mini solar lights to attach to the Trellis. These add ambience to the already attractive planter.

Placing of the Scroll Trellis

Work in progress

We have since ordered four more trellises to place on the Amphitheater stage.

At the Amphitheater

They have other products that I want to try. I will keep you posted on their progress. I love the simplicity and easy installation. Would love to try some cucumbers on the pole trellis. It is a great product for anything that climbs.

 Good job, Scroll Trellis