Thursday, March 27, 2014

Awake From A Deep Sleep...

According to the calendar the first day of spring was March 20th. Ohio weather must have forgot to check its' calendar because it sure doesn't feel like spring. We have had below 30 degrees temperatures as well as snow. It doesn't feel like spring, since the weather has been down right miserable.

You wonder if this cold weather will ever end. Well, yesterday was a beautiful sunshiny day even though the air had a chill to it. Thank goodness to Mr. Sunshine for at least giving us the day.

When I stopped at the Municipal building, on one of my routine visits, I noticed these beauties. There's still hope spring WILL arrive, I guess it's just not when all of us want it to.  These tulips have awaken from their deep slumber and were peaking out from their brown blanket.

Wondering what else has emerged from their deep sleep, I checked a few parks to see what I could find, unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of evidence...just yet that is! I did find some day lilies trying to come alive.

Our forecast for the next couple days is to reach the 50's. Rains is to accompany these warm temps but that may just be enough to wake up the gardens and their residents. All of them will soon be awaking for us to enjoy!


  1. So glad to see some perennials emerging there. You folks have had such a rough winter.

  2. It has been a long drown out affair this year....these are definitely good signs though!