Monday, March 3, 2014


The Rest Of The Story

Probably one of the best features of the Northwest Flower Show is the seminars. It is a time to be informed on different facets of gardening. Everything from conservation, wild flowers, travel gardens, gardening year round, decorating with plants and flowers, inside and out, and many, many , more. There were over 100 seminars on as many different subjects. Being so many, you had to pick and choose the ones you liked that fit in your time schedule.

 On Wednesday, I listened to Vanessa Gardner Nagle, " Garden To Live In : Creating Livable Outdoor Spaces in Style". Very nice.
Following her, it was "Walk To The Garden" , with Mary Flewelling Morris. She walked the coast of England, twenty miles a day for four weeks, staying in BB's in small villages. She walked through pastures ,with cows, and climbed over stiles. Oh, how fun.

Ciscoe Morris, Louise Hartwig & Mary Flewelling Morris

On Thursday, it was Karen Chapman with "Sassy or Classy : Designing Containers to Suit Your Style". She was a lady with class and held your attention with that proper British accent.  Loved her.

My next was, the ever gracious Nan Sterman. She designed the garden trip to England this past July. I had the privilege of traveling with her.  She spoke on "From Sustainability to Stewardship" It felt like 'old home week' seeing her pictures. I have many of them on my desk top. It was not a travel log, but was about conservation and how to maintain it. The British take this all very seriously, as one should. We are doing better because of awareness.

Insect Habitat

So sorry to have missed Rebecca Sweet and many others. Time slots made some impossible.

Theresa Loe & Rebecca Sweet

Next it was "Garden To Table Cooking Series" with the ever famous Theresa Loe. She gave "Tips and Tricks for Successful Canning". Things have changed somewhat since my early days of food preservation. She does know her stuff.

Now for the big event......
"Quick Change Artist :The Art of the Cachpot" , with Kylee Baumle and Jenny Peterson

They chose a plant , that the effect could be totally changed, depending on the container it was displayed in.. Plants take on a different style when the planter fits your own personal taste.

Enjoyed this even , though I find houseplants challenging for me. I guess, so is the computer.

"Groundbreaking Gardens ;  Innovative Ideas for Food and Fun", with the so cute and energetic , Niki Jabbour. She is very knowledgeable on her subject. Loved this and her.

Then it was on to the very special, Miriam Goldberger. Her focus was " Taming Wildflowers :  A Users Guide from Seed to Vase". It was wonderful to see the fields of wildflowers blooming and young women cutting and arranging bouquets for their weddings. So very pretty.

Louise Hartwig & Miriam Goldberger

Kylee Baumle and Jenny Peterson, 'What Style am I :  Innovative Ways to Use Houseplants" . Did you ever think to use your husbands belt to stage a plant. They addressed seven or eight styles. There was one for everyone with a new modern approach.

Thank You Kylee Baumle

Saturday, my last day
 How better to end my being refreshed than with "The Diva", Mary Ann Newcomer, with "Color Outside the Line: Create a Garden to Reflect your Personal Style". She loves color and the box of 64 Crayon Crayola's. She chooses a few of her favorite crayons and does some scribbling , then goes to the garden center to duplicate the colors with flowers. She might also use a favorite pillow, scarf, or a piece of fabric for her pallet. What an ingenious way for design.

Color Our World
Enough of that, so on to the shopping. I am good at that.  It is like being in a candy store. You want it all. Different areas have different merchandise to offer.
First it was Barbara Sanderson, of Glass Gardens Northwest. Had to have that cloche and pool floating balls designed with little glass tips so the bees won't slip into the water.

Barbara Sanderson Cloche

Barbara Sanderson "Bee Balls"

I bought some bulbs. I have them in a brown bag in the refrigerator. Mostly lilies. I bought a piece of metal art that I will show you next spring when it comes out of the crate. There was something for every ones' taste. I would have liked to have brought plants home , but with the weather, it just wasn't possible.
We made our way to Pike Street Market. It is a must when you visit  Seattle. You have got to see the Gum Wall.

Gum Wall at Pike Place

We had some fine dinning with old friends and new. To sum it up, it was a special event and I recommend you go to the show next year.

Homeward Bound



  1. well done Louise. you are a writer.

    1. This is my first experience. I have picked a lot of brains. Thank you.

  2. I missed all the seminars this year, for various reasons only made it to one afternoon of the show. Thanks for the quick rundown of the ones you attended. I recently bought some of Barbara's bee balls too!

    1. Allison, you don't know how happy I was to see you at the last minute. It was divine intervention.. Thanks for reading.

  3. Hi Louise! What a great post, that brought back a lot of good memories. I love garden shows where we get to see and learn so much, and also get caught up with friends and colleagues. Thank you for supporting Kylee and me on our first speaking engagement -- it was a lot of laughs for sure!

  4. You were magic, and I do mean magic. You really did well.

  5. HI Two Girls: Great blog, you have done a fantastic job.

    Have a wonderful day,

    1. Thank you John. It is nice to know someone has taken time to read what we write.

  6. Love seeing you and Kyle visiting all these fun garden blogger events! Looking forward to your posts as the blog goes along. Beautiful photos (and the biographical posts of introduction you and Susan started the blog with were great, too)

  7. Ilona, where in Ohio are you located? This is all new to me. Sue has a lot to teach me about the computer. Hopefully I can learn half of what she knows.Was so kind of you to comment and give us encouragement.

  8. Keep up the good work, ladies! :) I regret giving up on my blog ( back in 2008. Maybe between inspiration from Our Little Acre and Two Girls With a Purpose, I'll pick it back up again once baby arrives.

  9. That would be a good idea. Maybe you should start now.Would be a good way to journal baby Fritz.