Wednesday, March 19, 2014


                                                          What's Next ?

Renee Seeds

The snow is leaving much later this year. We procrastinators are panicking. It is the middle of March, and the farmers will be wanting to be planting their corn in April. I said , wanting. So this indicates, at least, we gardeners need to have a plan.

Seed catalogs arrived some time ago. We are seeing seeds in stores and Garden Centers. Flyers have arrived about new varieties of seed potatoes and sweet corn.

I have bulbs in a brown paper bag in my downstairs refrigerator that I purchased in February , at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I hope I have success keeping them this way until the ground reaches the right temperature for planting. The Helleborus are in my front window just waiting. I also bought these in Seattle. When there, it seemed the right  thing to  do. I don't know about you, but  my success rate seems to go up when I plant in the ground. Here it will be awhile. Today it is 16 degrees, and the middle of March. I see on Facebook, many of you are posting pictures of your Helleborus. Mine are still under snow. They may come out blooming, but will have many winter damaged leaves.


In reading today's local paper, I see many of the 4H Clubs are having their first meetings and planning for the new year . They are our future.  It is a great program that is managed through our Ohio State  University Extension.

We have two garden clubs , and The Master Gardeners that have plant sales starting the end of April. The Master Gardeners have their annual herb sale Saturday April 26. The Evergreen Garden Club, dig your own plants perennial sale is Saturday May 3 rd. and The Men's Garden Club ( and always will be) has their annuals, hanging baskets, and geranium sale on Saturday May 10th, just before Mothers Day. The local YWCA has a geranium sale and the Van Wert Booster Club also sells plants . Our local Garden Centers will have an abundance of plants all season. The city should be beautiful.

Fountain Park

It is also time to check out the condition of equipment and garden tools, unless you are very organized and did this last fall. This would be the best approach, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

Walk around your garden to check for damage and visualize what may be under that frozen tundra. Like you, I am ready for Spring and all that comes with it. I will have aching muscles and joints, unless I worked out at the gym this winter. I WILL put that on my list for next year.

I love my garden. I love Easter. It brings forth new life and hope.

It is time to dig in the dirt. Get down and get dirty.


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