Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Do You Have This Problem?            

According to Webster:
    vol'un-teer. N      1. person who offers self        2. worker forgoing pay, - V.    3. offer for some duty or purpose    

Compliments of Wassenberg Art Center

We are a small community of 10,000 plus people. Very proud , and all in all have a lot going on. We have both a YWCA and a YMCA, Art Center, a wonderful Library, Historical Museum, a Preforming Art Center, an award winning Children's Garden, County Fair Grounds that support our 4H programs, a Farmers Market during the growing months, a top rated Hospital, Vantage Career Center, new schools, and many City Parks. Now that is only a part what happens here. The down side of this, is like many communities, it takes people to make this all happen. Budgets are tight, and that is where the volunteers come in. As the saying goes," It takes a Village to Raise A Child", it also takes an army to accomplish what needs to be done. We have many committed people, but some are aging, and we have had some brain storming meetings to see what we need to do to encourage a new generation of volunteers. How do we reach out and instill the pride that has been the core of our community.

I guess we are asking for suggestions from you, and what you are doing in your communities. Help us.


Wassenberg Art Center

City Park

Children's Garden

Determine that the thing can

and shall be done, and

then...find the way.

                                                                                -Abraham Lincoln

Thank you,
Sue and Louise

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