Friday, March 28, 2014


                                                                       Day Trip

After so many days of winter, it looks like today we are getting a break. The sun is shining and it is warm, compared to most days. It has a hint of Spring. My number one daughter calls me to see about a road trip. Just say travel , and my comfy shoes come out and I am ready to go. I arrive at her house at 8:30. We are going to the Toledo Museum of Art. She has an assignment. there.

Toledo Museum of Art
 On the way, we will be passing Waterville, a quaint little town outside of Toledo. It is the studio of George Carruth, known as "Garden Smiles. "  He uses the clay from the area to produce so many cute accents for home and garden. This time he has encompassed more artisans creations. He has a wonderful selection of very fine works of art. After selecting a Carruth piece, my attention went to the hand crafted jewelry. I purchased  a necklace and matching earrings. Did I say that I am a buyer, not a shopper? From there we visited a quaint antique shop and a cute flower shop. There I purchased a picture,  just for the frame. It was a good buy and I plan to re-purpose it with the help of my in house carpenter, and honey doer.

Carruth Studio

Now it was destination time, The Toledo Museum of Art. The exhibit was The Gardens of Tuileries. It was a wonderful display of the gardens and the different mediums of art. The history amazes me how long these gardens have been in existence . These gardens date from 1564 . It gives me the reality how infantile our country is.

There was a room with two tables filled with just stuff. There were little shelves and vignette's  on the walls, that you could use your own creativity to bring out the artist in you . These were our attempts. Do you think we are the next Varujan Boghosian ? What do you think?

Table of Stuff



After experiencing this magnificent exhibit, we made out way around the other exhibits in the museum. The Toledo Museum is a first class museum. It has the works of Van Gogh. Monet, Remembrant and the likes of many famous artists from around the world. It is so close. We often don't take advantage of what is at our back door.

Claude Monet

At the front of the museum is a wonderful Alexander Caulder piece. His work can be identified by its beautiful red color. This one is " Stegasarus ".


All museums have wonderful gift shops. They had two . They had a lovely place for lunch , The Museum Café .  So when you go, you can spend the entire day, and that is easy to do.

Across the street there is a glass studio and  there were several Chihuly pieces from his early years and ones that are very identifiably his style . There were two blowers blowing this day The museum and glass studio closed at four so it was time to start home .

We made stops at Costco, and stopped in Defiance to check on my grand daughter  and husband , who are to have their first baby in about two weeks. We all are so excited . I arrived home a little after ten. It was a good day. Life is good. I think my feet hurt.


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